Friday, December 14, 2012

How can I write?

OK, so I have really been working my mind over an anvil lately, trying to mold something not so transient but destined for something bigger than myself.

This global village, this world wide web, this vast but small feeling sphere on which I live is a magical, curious place filled with intriguing mysteries waiting to be discovered and reinvented and retold and rediscovered by still someone else. But I must admit, I have a strange quirk, a little angst, knowing that somebody, many, have already written about the subjects I so dearly and passionately want to write. And I almost feel like I am a little cog in a great machine, or I certainly would be if I stretched a little and reinvented the wheel. Or would it really be a reinvention, or maybe an innovation? For although hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of hits can be found on various search strings corresponding to various fascinations...or ...obsessions of mine, still, maybe my own words, the ones I add, replace, or drop off...maybe they might take these ideas to new minds, new audiences, new heights. And I suppose that the practice of writing and learning what to do, how to do it, and how failure works in yet another way of life, maybe I really will accomplish something. Something real, substantial, and lasting.

I made this blog, found a name so divine in my own eyes, like a beacon for a cause, a crusade for the next generation, a blank page for things yet to be. A dual meaning it is, unbound by math, infinite possibilities, and also unbound by cover or binding. The pages have no scrawling on them.

The future, as abundant and inviting as I believe it one day will become, is yet quite an uncertain path. Guided by our imagination, we lay hopeful, tentative steps towards a point undecided, knowing so little about the dangers and opportunities and hoping beyond hope that our imagination, our distinguished ability to visualize the possibilities and the impossibilities, and to piece together a plan. Can we master the fear and muster the courage to make our way, to choose a destiny for our children Let us find out what lies ahead. The sooner we know what we don't know, maybe we can fear less, knowing then what we don't now. Ahead we find ourselves and we lay stakes not on land but on patterns of human thought and what it means to be alive. We begin to choose the destiny of mankind.

If there really be some master creator, some divine architect, to which I owe great gratitude for this some believe, I ask that being for strength of mind, of spirit, and of character. Specifically for grace to deal with surprises of life with a confident, resourceful, engineering attitude rather than a defeatist attitude.

I think I have expressed previously and in other places my inclination towards wanting to solve other peoples' problems sotospeak. I call it humanitarianism. Some would call it a waste of time, a mistake, or a crazy obsession perhaps. No matter what catches my interest, there is always an overarching theme, how can this help other people? How can I make the world a better place? I probably put too much pressure on myself in some ways or have unrealistic expectations and demands but it is definitely important to me that I do whatever is in my power to improve the human condition.

Technology is certainly a factor, and admit food and nutrition likewise. But there is another factor. Some call it spiritual. We can also call it wisdom or culture. It matters not how prosperous we cosmetically may seem for if we are not sustainably functioning as a society, and not stable and sure, we will fall. Of that there is no doubt. It is always something a society should guard against.

For the sake of my own future and generations to come, I hope with all my heart that we can get ouf acts together, that we can strive towards a higher excellence than simple industrialization, and achieve the full bounty that lays possible even right now.