Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why I'm starting a Blog

I'm starting a blog because I want to make it possible to better archive my work. I feel drawn to the world of publishing. I love being able to flip open my computer and expand my knowledge. I think I am finally ready to start compiling my personal knowledge that I have obtained through the Internet back onto the Internet. My goal is for Unbound Future to be a community of people who have an affinity for Intelligence, Knowledge, Imagination, and especially the Future. We have been seeing greater and faster use of technology in everyday life over the past century. Even engineering is playing a role in how our culture gets things done.

I am interested in wide ranging topics from Quantum Electronics to Sustainability to Liquid Thorium Reactors to Economics and Politics to Academia. I want this blog to be a place where anybody and any topic may be involved and discussed and where Integration of concepts is the norm. Integrative Thinking along with Lateral Thinking is an important part of the way I research. When talking to people, I will try not to offend and rest assured that I am not easily offended. I will try to be open to new ideas or even old ideas. Please feel free to communicate with me here or on my active node of the social network Google+. My name is Andrew Carpenter and you can find my G+ Profile at