Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ride-Sharing and a Money-Earning Opportunity

So you've likely heard of Uber. You know..the distributed taxi service that lets you order a car ride from a smartphone. Well, it's one way to earn some money on the side. It's a relatively new innovation in the industry. Traditionally taxis were the only similar form of transportation. They are now trying to maintain competition with this new breed of distributed car-sharing service.

It really makes a lot of sense too since the vast majority of cars are sitting unused for the majority of the time.

When you sign into the app as a rider, you can choose between a regular car or a larger SUV. In my experience, drivers have been at my location within 5-7 minutes. The entire process is a breeze. Pull out phone and order the ride in just a couple taps. Facebook has even enabled an Uber ride ordering feature in their mobile app.

So if you want to drive for Uber, how much can you make? Sources say that during busy hours, they can make between $20-25 per hour. That includes tips. If you show up in a clean car in a timely manner and are friendly, you are more likely to get tipped and receive a good review on the app. The Uber company does take a 20% cut out of every ride but after that you keep the rest.

If you sign-up as a driver using my custom invite code, you can help me earn extra badges and commission. Just remember to enter b872gbcbue when you sign up.

I've personally ridden with Uber three times now and I've only had good experiences. Let me know what your experiences have been in the comments below!