Monday, January 18, 2016

Launching out into the Creative Flow

There is the meme of the starving artists..those who are fanatical about creating for the sake of interacting with the creative forces, working with the beauty of natural archetypes and design patterns and such. And these are people who love to generate delight in those who view their artistry. They themselves are in love with their work. They are perhaps more in love with their work than any monetary gain. And yet the greatest business successes take advantage of the principles of artistry and delighting their customers.

When a businessperson truly harnesses the creative force within themselves and takes careful notice of the needs and desires of their target demographic..they become responsible for delivering something almost as sacred and natural as a swift summer rain at the peak of growing season. For their customers, they become the perfect answer, the perfect solution. They find the niche in the market space and they bring an energy to that space that wasn't there before.

Successful people live their personal lives this way. Whether they are conscious of it or not, they are in a kind of alignment with the forces of influence surrounding their lives and in their environment. They aren't playing victim games. The successful person sees opportunity where others would see nothing.

The successful person brings these seething forces of power and furls them into twisting vortexes of positive pulsating energy that becomes ready to burst forth with its seed and deliver value to their company and ultimately to society. And in return, as almost a natural law, there is the potential for profits to return to the creator of this value.

In fact, the successful value-creator or entrepreneur is more than a creative or a creator. They are really orchestrating these creative forces and designing larger flows of effect (or power) out of the combination and recombination of multiple smaller flows. The word "success" itself has its meaning rooted in going from one accomplishment to the next which is actually a related concept. But the true point of value here is that a value-creating individual is one who becomes adept in satisfying the needs of the many but doing so with a more generalized or efficient design pattern which is repeatable and robust.

What they are really doing is seeing the potential for transformation. The key to success is being able to have a vision for what you'd like but simultaneously being able to see past certain rigid mindsets and being able to flow "like water" around apparent obstacles. Being able to shift the mind and shift your your business..become unstoppable.

It's about the structure. It's about the structure but it's not. There's a careful tension..a careful balance of power that must be observed and maintained in balance and harmony. A certain amount of chaos and yet some amount of containment of that chaos. Some semblance of narrative, of routine, some absolutes. But even these are changeable.

The important thing is recognizing failure when it's there and yet not succumbing to its continuation. For that's exactly what seems like the default when you are in a failure mode, doesn't it? You're at the point where it feels like there's no return to basics. You feel invested in the way you've been looking at the problem or the goal or whatever it is that you're focusing your energy on. And it feels like if only you just put more energy into the thing you've been trying to get working that maybe you will hit success.

And this is why we need we can see the truth of our position. If we have not map of what it means to be successful or now vision of what we are doing, we will become isolated in our ways of working and wrapped in the fears of loss..and being lost. Only when we create for ourself the surrounding vortex of power that we can come to depend upon as reckoning device..we will know high amounts of success.

It's important to have imagery in our mind to guide our way of thinking and our actions. The energy we surround ourselves with is like the clouds that cling to topographic features like mountains or along lakes and then precipitate our their various action potentials: rain, snow, thunder, lighting..Likewise, the man or woman can be surrounded with emotions that take him or her to the depth or height of his or her choice. Being persistent to send out value to your workspace and into the market and building connections of value..with sincere close friends, with potential customers, with other businesses that may tie in somehow with your field of choice..these are avenues--streams--pathways--by which you can channel a dynamic flow of energy. A stagnant energy doesn't have the capacity to create value. A stagnant energy cannot bring you a return on value delivery because it lacks the deliver and lacks the return.

There's a very real level of passion that must be kept in constant motion and yet be under a kind of control or containment. For each person, each business..this will be a different synthesis, a unique formula for your success. Every successful person and business goes through stages and lifecycles where the conditions for success change and the metrics change. If you run into failure, sometimes you need to find new ways of thinking and working.

Unlock your success. I hope this encourages you.

P.S. It's not all about the perfect process, perfect grammar, or a perfected synthesis or discovery of ideas that you can somehow package into the "one right answer" or "the way." It's also about the delivery of value. The sun comes up many different ways. The clouds rain many kinds of drops. And there are lots of different kinds of snowflakes. Make your successful process repeatable but not frozen.